Make premium rate phone calls for free

To get in contact with most companies, chances are you'll have to call an 0870 number. These numbers are pretty expensive and will wind your phone bill up.

Have no fear
There is a website dedicated to giving you alternative numbers which may be free or included in your call plan. The website Say No to 0870 gives you alternative standard telephone numbers to contact companies on. The site is always growing as it allows you to submit alternatives numbers you find.

There is also an iPhone App available for you to use.

When 'No To 0870' isn't an option
If you are in a situation where you cannot access this website, most companies offer a number to call when calling from outside of the UK. There is nothing stopping you from calling these numbers as the person on the other end will do the exact same thing as someone on an 0870 number.

Call the premium rate number and ask them to call you back straight away. You can make up any excuse to why they need to call you back or you can you just be honest and say you don't want to pay the premium rate, most companies will be happy to do this.

Save Money On Chicken

Chicken is something students will eat most days of the week however, it can work out to be quite expensive.

How you can save money buying chicken.
Tesco sell their chicken breast fillets for £12/kg, now that might not seem like a lot but when you compare that to £5.50/kg, you can get double the amount for the even less! Chicken from the butchers is just as good quality, if not not better than supermarket chicken breasts.

If you are trying to maintain a high protein diet, it might be worthwhile taking a trip to your local butchers. Butchers normally do a kilo of chicken for less than £7, they'll even cut it up for you.

Student Credit Cards

Why use a student credit card?
Unexpected Costs
Everyone has unexpected costs which you may not be able to afford. Things such a broken cars, smashed windows, damaged laptops etc. When asking your parents is a little too much, there are many banks that offer student credit cards. These credit cards are great because they'll help you out of a sticky situation as long as you use them responsibly.

Student credit cards are good because they have online fraud protection and have an interest free period on purchases up to 56 days as long as the full balance is paid off by the due date (this means you are borrowing money for free).

Improve your credit rating.
Having a credit card as a student that you keep on top of payments with will boost your credit rating. This means that you will find it easier to borrow money for things such as mortgages and loans. You can check your credit rating for free using Experian Credit Report

How to use your student credit card.

5 ways to cut bills

Utility bills are a creepy way of increasing your expenses. Here are five ways you can cut down your bills 

1. Don't run the water.
More times than not, when you run the water without putting the plug in, you use a lot more water than what you need to. If this is hot water it will have a big effect on your gas bill as well as your water bill. Next time you wash the dishes, put the plug in and wash them with the water running, see how quickly the sink fills up.

2. Invest in curtains and close them.
Your windows let in a lot of cold air and hot air escapes. This air then goes on to fill the room so it may seem that you need to have your heating on for longer. If you get a good pair of curtains, they will block the air coming in and out of the windows.

Save Money on Apps and Music

Are you a student with an iPhone? Do you often look at the paid apps section and immediately move on the free section?  Buying apps and music can become expensive.

If you've got an iPhone, then you have probably also heard of Jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is the process of removing the restrictions and limitations put in place by Apple through software exploits.

Get thousands to complete drug trials

Imagine getting paid to stay in bed and rest. Well, there are companies out there which do just that.

How much can I earn?
Companies can pay up to £5000 for you to complete their drug trials. The drugs which will be tested on you are all regulated by the European legislation committees and offer withdrawal whenever you want.

Who are they for?
Medical drug trial companies are always looking for different types of people to take part in their trials so keeping an eye out if you're between 18-80 is a good idea. However, not everyone can conduct these trials, some trials require you to suffer from certain illnesses or be a certain ethnicity.

Are there risks completing these trials?
There are risks associated with completing these trials. The drugs are yet to be tested on humans, however, there are extensive tests which have been done to reduce the risk to humans.

Below are a list of companies which offer drug trials:

Med Trials

Register a domain name

The next step in getting your company going is to register a domain name for users to visit your companies website. This is a very important part of getting your company of the ground.

There are companies which exist just to buy domain names and sell them. This can be profitable for them and expensive for you, so I suggest to avoid having to pay a third party and visiting a site such as:

Prices for registering a domain name are roughly around £8 a year. They are typically cheaper if you buy them for more years. This is also something I recommended because it will save you some money and avoid you forgetting to renew it.

There are options to have automatic renewal and manual renewal so make sure you don't forget about the site.

First step to starting a business - Registering a company name

As mentioned before, starting a business when you're a student is a brilliant time to start.

The first place to start is getting a company name. When creating a name for your company, make sure that the name is:

  • Easy to remember
  • Not offensive
  • It's short
Once you have a name, you need to visit the Companies House website. This allows you to register your company details and prevent anyone else from having you company name. To register your company name you will need the following:

  • Company Name and Address
  • Officer Details (Director and Secretary)
  • Share Capital and Shareholder Details
  • Payment (£15)
The whole process seems daunting, but it is the first step in starting your company which will urge you to carry on and take the next step.

Featured Site -

Glide is a service offered especially to students who are looking for easy ways to pay their bills. Glide basically do all the hard work for you. They find the best companies and prices for you as a tenant, and divide the bills equally for you to pay at the end of each month.

The services they offer are flexible as you can choose which services you need (water, gas, electricity, internet, TV licenses)

Get The Best Out of Your Student Account

The banks are fighting amongst each other trying to get you to open a student account with them. Many of these banks offer you incentives to sign up to a student account with them. They do this because they know you're likely to stay with them once you stop being a student. You can only have one student account so make sure you pick the best one for you.